Кит Харингтон не хочет больше играть Джона Сноу
The actor spoke about his future plans.

Кит Харингтон не хочет больше играть Джона Сноу

Kit Harington


Star of the cult TV series “Game
of thrones,” kit Harington said that at the end of the eighth season, he
no longer wants to have anything to do with his hero! “I know, now there is
work on spin-offs of the show. But personally, I do not intend to take part in
one of them!” — categorically said 31-year-old Harrington. This news was serious
blow for fans of the series, because they already anticipated the appearance of one of the most
your favorite characters in some of the “side branches” of the “Game”. Colleagues
Keith on the show so far refrained from any comment.

now full is to develop five(!) spin-offs.
However, the very first estimates showed that the new show may face insurmountable
difficulties in financing. As shown by calculation, one season
each of the new shows will cost its creators no less than 50 million
dollars! It will have to go if we don’t want to lower the “bar”,
the main set of the show. Moreover, a significant share of expenditures will have to
fees involved actors.

this is not necessary, because, according to official sources, all the major stars
series — the whale, Emilia Clarke, Lena Hidi, Peter Dinkar — received every no less than half a million dollars
for one episode! Harington, who of course aware of the financial problems
creators of spin-offs, allowed himself to joke in this regard. “I would suggest
move the action “of the Game…” three hundred years ago. Will be not less
exciting, but will be able to save a lot of money!”. Actor, meant that
if you recruit new actors, that would be logical, for transformation in the characters more
ancient era world of “Game…”, it is unlikely that they will immediately be prompted for so much.

As for
plans of the Harrington, as he admitted, in the near future he intends
relax — after eight seasons of the show, requiring a full commitment of creative and
physical strength. As said the whale, he would like to spend this time with your
beloved actress rose Leslie, with whom he got engaged in October last year.

Kit Harington in the TV series “Game of thrones”

Photo: Outnow