Кит Харингтон не хочет завершения «Игры престолов»

Fan of “Game of thrones” was confident that the series for hero kit Harington Jon snow ended last season, when his heart was pierced with a sword. in the new season, it turned out that the TV story for snow continues and, apparently, he will be involved until the very end. Despite the fact that there are still 13 episodes of the series, Harrington now says about her feelings about finishing “Game of thrones”.

The actor admitted that the end of filming for him will be a real tragedy because during the time you are working on it, the film crew, including Directors, writers, actors and many others have become one big family.

“Now we are all one big family, we are all very, very close. I’ll be sad when the series ends, he was a huge part of me all these years, and its ending will leave a big hole in my heart,” said Keith recently.

Note that the completion of eleistria will not happen as soon as it seems.

The final episode of “Game of thrones” will premiere in the summer of 2018.

The last series of the sixth season will be shown Sunday, June 26.

Previously Keith Harrington showed up double.

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