Kit Harington bribed the police, revealing the secret of the series

Кит Харингтон подкупил полицейского, раскрыв секрет сериала
The star of “Game of thrones risk my career, to get rid of the fine.

Kit Harington


As told in
his recent interview with kit Harington, he had to give the
a big secret of the series, where he plays a major role to
to avoid the usual fee. The actor risked his career by revealing important plot twist.

The fact is that in
the end of the fifth season of “Game of thrones” was struck down by the daggers almost
the most popular character of the show — charismatic and courageous Jon snow, who played Harrington. But
the audience had to fall in love with this hero that could not believe in it
death. They cherished the hope that their favorite character is still somehow
will survive.

So the question of whether
alive Jon snow or not, cared about everyone who watched the show. That COP
stop kit Harington, who played this role, was ready for anything
to get the answer. In the delayed them knowing violator of the rules of the road
motion Harrington, guardian of the law approached him with an unexpected
sentence: “Sir, I offer you two choices. Or you tell us
I will be your hero next season, or do you have to follow
follow me to the police station for registration of a fine for speeding!”

After thinking a bit,
Harington, who was in a hurry on business, decided to take a chance: “John snow will be
involved in the next season…” — he replied. And satisfied the policeman released
the offender, saluted him finally, but still held the words: “You are free,
Lord snow!”

In fact,
Harrington took a big risk, because he signed a confidentiality contract plot
of the series and could easily lose their job because they admitted “leakage”. Fortunately for
The whale, the producers didn’t find out about his affair, and there were no consequences.
However, as he admitted, that Jon snow will live, really knew
three people — the parents of Harrington and his girlfriend rose Leslie. But all the other, including colleagues of the whale
the series, have remained in the dark regarding the fate of the hero of Harrington.

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