Кирстен Данст заявила, что ее талант не признают

American actress Kirsten dunst said that in show business it is considered just a girl from “Bring it on” and does not focus on career achievements. This fact upsets the actress.

— I was not recognized in its industry — confessed 37-year-old Kirsten dunst in a recent interview, writes the edition “People”.

According to the actress, she doesn’t really have the same success as before, and the critics forgot about it. Star remembers how great it was during the release of “Interview with the vampire” and the movie about Marie Antoinette. That’s when dunst was at the peak of popularity.

Remember when we released “Marie Antoinette” — after all seen this? And now you all love this film, said dunst on film 2006. – Do you remember “Killer beauties”? These films are loved by many until now.

The celebrity admitted that she now would love to have her name remembered during award season and various awards.

— I’ve never been nominated for anything. Well, maybe twice for a Golden globe when I was little, once for the movie “Fargo”. I constantly feel like I am nobody. Don’t know, maybe they just think I’m still the girl from “Bring it on” (film 2000 with the participation of atrice)? – said dunst.

Note, in 1996, Kirsten dunst was nominated for a Golden globe for best actress the second plan. The nomination has been nominated for her performance as Claudia in “Interview with the vampire”. The actress also starred in such memorable films as “Hidden figures”, “the Virgin suicides”, “spider-Man”, “Melancholia,” “Marie Antoinette” and “Jumanji”.

I know that all we have is our labor. And I developed enough intellectually to be there is still some perspective — said dunst.

However, dunst has not allowed a melancholy mood to stop her to take on new projects.

The latest work of the stars “Becoming a God in Central Florida” (2019) — was presented at “Showtime” at the beginning of August. About this show and the preparation for filming, the actress told reporters. So, the plot of the film revolves around a crystal of the former beauty Queen, who wishes to achieve success and fame. Timeline series – 1990-ies. Dunst got the role.

The character Kirsten dunst – crystal Gill, an employee of the Park and a mother who was planning to penetrate the multi-billion dollar pyramid destroyed her family. She’s quite a headstrong girl who is able to succeed and is not going to bend under the other.

The series also starred Alexander Skarsgard, Theodore Pellerin, Ted Levine, Mel Rodriguez and Beth ditto. Note that Kirsten dunst is also the Executive producer.

We will remind, the other day Kirsten dunst has said that he considers disgusting kiss with the handsome brad pitt.

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