Kirsten dunst has refused to lose weight for the role

Кирстен Данст отказалась худеть ради роли
Apparently the famous actress Kirsten dunst is not one of those Actresses who agree on everything in order to get a new role.

Кирстен Данст отказалась худеть ради роли

Soon the premiere of the film Sofia Coppola’s “Fatal temptation” with Kirsten in the title role.

It turned out that Sofia has asked the actress to lose some weight for a new role, but Kirsten didn’t agree with it.

“To work, I eat fried chicken and eat at McDonald’s. As you know, we have no other choice, so sorry, to lose weight, I can’t,” said dunst, explaining his words with shooting conditions.

Copolla nevertheless normally reacted to the refusal of the actress.

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