Кирстен Данст раскритиковала неработающих женщин
Famous actress Kirsten dunst is among those women who used to sustain their lives themselves.

Кирстен Данст раскритиковала неработающих женщин

Celebrity acting career started at the age of three, and currently boasts a huge number of roles in the movie.

Recently Kirsten has told that does not understand the desire of modern girls to marry a rich guy and live in luxurious conditions, but the money of her husband.

“You know, I would quietly retire. But I can’t afford to quit work. Because it affects the well-being of my loved ones, my family. I am a very family man. And always believed that I should not rely on man in matters of Finance. Although I like good manners, old-fashioned courtship, when a man opens up the car door, brings flowers, pays for dinner at a restaurant — in short, behaves like a man, a gentleman, not like a… woman. This I appreciate, but don’t understand women who think a man should support them”, says dunst.

It is worth noting that at the moment, Kirsten is engaged to her colleague Jesse Premonsoon. The actress admits that found in the elect all the qualities that I wanted to see in its second half.

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