Kirsten dunst broke up with her fiance

Кирстен Данст рассталась с женихом
Friends and fans of the actress osadchey her unexpected decision.

Kirsten dunst Garrett c Hedlinger

Photo: Splash News/East news

Kirsten dunst surprised friends and fans, suddenly taking
the decision to break up with her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlung, which
she dated for four years. Moreover, as argued by the friends of the couple, Kirsten
and Garrett last year has already secretly engaged. Anyway, the actress is not
secret of their firm intention to become his wife Hedlung. “I belong to
the type of women who want to marry. Since I’m over 30, I don’t
especially planning a big wedding. I want it to be like normal
the party on the occasion of my birthday…” said Kirsten in a recent
interview. Moreover, dunst has managed to plan the extension of the family: she said that will lead at least two children. Besides Kirsten wasn’t tired of praising Garrett, claiming that
relationship with him develop much better than any of her previous

In the past, the 33-year-old dunst were many gentlemen, among them
and were quite famous personalities. Kirsten managed to meet with the actors
Justin long, Josh Hartnett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, musician
Johnny Borrell. The longest affair was with Gyllenhaal: it lasted about two

As for Garrett Hedlung, who never
managed to become the husband of the actress, then she met in 2011 on set
the film “On the road”. As a couple they began
go out with 2012. As told in my time Garrett, their first date
it was just catastrophic. Wanting to impress Kirsten, he invited her for a night
canoe on the lake, but not lost control, the boat capsized,
and they both splashed into the cold water smelled unpleasant… But luckily
for Hedlung, this story did not discourage dunst desires to meet him. But what
forced Kirsten to now decide to leave the relationship with Garrett in
last, is anyone’s guess. Not otherwise, as she was jealous of her boyfriend
to some young starlette.

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