Kirsten dunst became a mother!

Кирстен Данст стала мамой!
The actress is happy with her boyfriend first.

Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten dunst had her first child. The father – boyfriend of the actress and 30-year-old actor Jesse Plemons, her partner in “Fargo.”
It is learned that Kirsten gave birth to a son. Height and weight of a newborn
not yet been announced.

Rumors that the 36-year-old Kirsten will be the first time mother, appeared in December 2017. And
a month after that, she confirmed this information. With Lemoncom actress met in 2015 on the set of “Fargo”, where she and Jesse were playing a married couple. However, their romance
began a year later. Anyway, for the first time the paparazzi managed
kissing in may 2016. And their engagement became known in January 2017.

Interestingly, the star recently wanted to become a mother. “Actually, I’m not one of those women who in the early
youth saying, “as soon as I want to have a baby!” I about it does not
thought, until I was born, my godmother’s daughter. But now I love her
love… Yesterday, for example, I put the baby to sleep. And in the morning she asked
his mother in her sweet voice : “Where’s Kiki (me)? And then I realized:
“God, how I want and I have had the same baby,” told
Kirsten. And when the actress got engaged to Plamondon, dunst decided it was time
to implement the plans. “I’ve been working since three years. And
now it’s time I finally relax and start a family!” — so dunst
commented on a message about her pregnancy.