Кирстен Данст и Александр Скарсгард вернулись в прошлое

Kirsten dunst returns to the past to draw attention to a new series! The actress starred in a new photo shoot in the style of the 90s, together with his colleague Alexander Skarsgard in honor of the upcoming premiere of the first season of “Becoming a God in Central Florida”.

Кирстен Данст и Александр Скарсгард вернулись в прошлое

At the end of August will be released the first series of the black Comedy “Becoming God in Central Florida” (On Becoming a God in Central Florida) a 37-year-old Kirsten dunst in the title role. To draw attention to the picture, Kirsten starred in a photo shoot with the 42-year-old actor Alexander Skarsgard.

In a photo shoot for People the actors tried on the wedding dresses in the 90s. the Pair was photographed near a birthday cake. In the TV show “Becoming God in Central Florida” dunst plays a single mother, crystal Jill, who was determined to improve my life in any way, joining the cult!

“The 1990s are popular right now, but we decided to stay away from modern borrowings in the image of the crystal… we needed a piece of trash and audacity,” says the actress about her character and the image selected for a photo shoot.

Kirsten acted not only as an actress but also a producer. Along with it, by the way, the series was produced by George Clooney. But Alexander Skarsgard, according to the actress, well turned into your character! “I invited Alex to the project, because I know that he can be very funny, but he did not offer the role, which could open up his comedic talent. We had fun working together,” spoke about the partner Kirsten.

Jesse Plemons and Kirsten dunst

In may last year, dunst first became a mother, giving birth to the actor Jesse Plemons son Ennis. The experience of motherhood has helped the actress in the filming of the series. “I remember in some episodes I was saying to colleagues: “Where is the baby crystal? In this scene should be a child! Crystal single mother. Obviously, she can’t forget about the baby,” recalled dunst.

The shooting of the series has given the actress a hard time after the birth of a child, but Kirsten was supported by friends and family!

About motherhood Kirsten said in an interview with Marie Claire UK: “I came from three years. Maybe it’s time to settle down and have children,” said Kirsten – “I was never obsessed with the children until, until my goddaughter was born. I just adore her! I can’t explain my feelings, not to show words, only to understand. Once I even put her to sleep and in the morning she said, “Where’s Kiki?”. It’s so cute! I really love her!”

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