Kirkorov, Yudashkin and Choi congratulated Andrey Malakhov with the birth of first child

Киркоров, Юдашкины и Цой поздравили Андрея Малахова с рождением первенца TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” became a father. Celebrity hurry to say kind words to the new parents, as well as choose gifts which will soon be presented with baby Andrey Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva.
Киркоров, Юдашкины и Цой поздравили Андрея Малахова с рождением первенца

Tonight it became known that the famous TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov and his wife, brand Director and publisher of the Russian version of the glossy magazine ELLE Natalia shkuleva, became parents for the first time. The boy was born weighing 4,020 pounds and 54 cm. Now mom and baby are both doing well and preparing for discharge from the perinatal center. The stars of show business in a hurry to leave their warm wishes in connection with such a significant event in their lives. Andrey Malakhov became the first father

Singer Anita Tsoy with which Andrey Malakhov’s friends, was very glad that his family came the long-awaited heir. The actress congratulated the couple via “StarHit”.

“Dear Natasha and Andrew! You know how our family loves you. This is happiness, when the family heard the child’s laughter. In General, I want you to give birth two or three children that all were as beautiful as you, Andrei, are the same gentle and tender, as mother, Natasha. In General, guys, live happily, stay, note, serves Korean table!” – wished the artist.

A close friend of TV presenter Vyacheslav Manucharov already picked out a gift for a newborn child Malakhov and Shmelevoj. According to him, about the good news he found out in Sochi. The actor admitted to “StarHit” that immediately upon arrival in Moscow, went to the Church to purchase a silver spoon for the christening of the baby.

“I Wake up early in the morning and see how she is sleeping”: the love story of Andrei Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva

Киркоров, Юдашкины и Цой поздравили Андрея Малахова с рождением первенца“This long-awaited event not only in the family of Andrew and Natasha, but for our big company of the country – because it is the favorites of millions of viewers – says the actor. – I consider him as my godfather on TV, because with my parody of it started my TV career. Natasha is just wonderful, fantastic, intelligent, beautiful, and mom will be the same. It is a joy for everyone because they are beautiful, bright pair. Wish them happiness, good health and strength to the mother after childbirth and the baby of the fortress. I as a dad of three children I can say that they will not stop, I wish the second from birth! Of course, their life will change for the better, there will be new paint.”

The wife of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin Marina wished the newborn child health. Very soon their family will happy event – the only daughter of a pair of Halina prepares for the birth of the second child.

“Congratulations, we were aware, we have been waiting for the whole family. We wish the boy the truth, we still don’t know his name, was a healthy, pretty, to the delight of parents, and such a welcome, what a great happiness! And wish this child all that I could wish for my child,” conveyed greetings to the Marina through a “StarHit”.
Киркоров, Юдашкины и Цой поздравили Андрея Малахова с рождением первенца

After Andrey Malakhov announced on fatherhood, social media literally exploded with numerous congratulations from fans. Celebrities too expressed his joy for new parents through microblogging.

“I heartily congratulate the happy parents in the world, Andrey Malakhov and Natasha Shkulev, with the birth of a son, with your sequel! Yay! Happiness! How excited I am for you, Andrew and Natasha!”, – wrote in Instagram Katya LEL.

Also my congratulations to the left in the microblog Philip. Andrey Malakhov – the godfather of the daughter of the king of Russian pop-scene Alla-Victoria. “I heartily congratulate the happy parents, dear Andrey Malakhov and Natasha Shkulev, with the birth of the heir! Many of the summer! Let it grow healthy, happy for the joy of mom and dad, growing up quickly and joins the great company of their slightly older peers! Time is running very fast and erases any difference in age. Believe me, my dear, you know what they say,” wrote the man.

For a long time broadcaster and chief editor of the “StarHit” helped and supported many celebrities who found themselves in difficult life situations. Three years ago, the singer Anna Kalashnikov has entrusted the story about her pregnancy that is Andrey Malakhov for the first time showed the face of his son on the pages of our publication. The actress is pleased that the family of the famous journalist and his wife have been such a joyful event.

“Congratulations dear Andrew and Natasha with the best day – the birth of a son! The most important thing in life is our children, they are our meaning. Wish your family patience, love, all blessings, comfort and joy, and your baby to be happy, kind, healthy, inquisitive, active. I think it will be a very interesting and rich life. I wish to become a worthy support for you and your biggest pride! Now your life will be filled with children’s laughter, new emotions and discoveries, pleasant excitement, an indescribable feeling, the most warm memories and a magical world that will open for you your angel. Be happy!” congratulated Kalashnikov.

Singer Alena Kravets also congratulated the TV host with a joyful event. “Dear Andrew and his beautiful wife Natalia congratulations on the birth of baby! Wish happy parents and boy a bright future, health, longevity! Let it grow smart, healthy and happy to the delight of parents! My heartfelt congratulations,” he hastened to leave the warm wishes of the artist.