Киркорова задержали на белорусской границе

According to the singer, because of red tape he was forced to postpone a concert in Vilnius.

After several concerts in Moscow Kirkorov went on tour with his new show “I” for which he lost 20 kilograms. Speaking in Belarus, the singer had intended to move on, in Vilnius. However, at the border and trucks with scenery and equipment was detained by local customs officials.

The singer described the incident on his page in the social network. And usually delicate Kirkorov at this time in terms not shy, calling a spade a spade.

“By tradition I started tour show “I” in Minsk, began Philip. For me it is a big responsibility – the second concert immediately after the Kremlin Palace. The beginning of the tour. I know that the citizens of Minsk, the Belarusian citizens and appreciate this special relationship. Show “I” in Minsk was taken at the highest level – after the concert the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko has handed over a magnificent bouquet for me and the show directed by Franco Dragone. And after such a stunning success ten-thousandth of “Minsk-arena”, where there were no free space, we are faced with staggering rudeness…

At night, tired after the concert, they kept us at the customs point “Kamenny Log” for more than an hour. Several times checked documents, asked to get out of the car, searched, smiled despite themselves – that is, Kirkorov “caught”. In the end, a tired team made it to Vilnius in the early morning. But, as it turned out, the nightmare was not over. Four big trucks with clearance for the stage – led screens, light, scenery, all of it remained at the crossing point. Belarusian customs officers do not let the trucks with equipment. Until now! It’s been more than half a day. Rude drivers. Threaten. And 10 thousand spectators in Vilnius tonight show “me”… Belarus personally for me has always been the place where not just the welcoming atmosphere, where high and without pathetic phrases can feel truly at home.

I am grateful to all my fans and the President for the state award – the order of Francysk Skaryna which is very expensive, but apparently of no high rank can’t overcome banal bureaucracy. I hope that Alexander Lukashenko will not disregard this incident and the perpetrators will be brought to justice.”

In the end, the concert in Vilnius was postponed to the next day, otherwise the scene would not have been able to prepare for such a large-scale action.

Employees of Ashmiany customs office, where, according to Kirkorov, he was arrested, with accusations against him do not agree. They claim that the singer walked the green corridor for 20 minutes. Trucks with equipment designed for a half hour. But what was with them – matters not to Oshmyany customs.

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