Kirkorov wants to take the jury of “Eurovision” into submission

Киркоров хочет взять жюри «Евровидения» измором

King of the Russian platform has said it will not stop until the singer from Russia will not win.

King of the Russian stage at “Eurovision” for a long time feels like home. For the first time the actor attended the music contest as a performer in 1995. To win he has failed – as a result of voting the king of pop has occupied only 17-e a place, but it was then that he made a promise to myself that I will do everything possible to bring Russia crystal microphone.

“After my debut, I learned a lot and made for themselves the right conclusions. After the failure I told myself that I would return to the contest and take him down, – Kirkorov admitted in an interview with “Interlocutor”. — Even if not as a participant but as a producer or co-wrote the song. It was. For 20 years I am a regular visitor of “Eurovision”. Came here as a producer Angelica Agurbash, Ani Lorak, Dima the Sorcerer, and now Sergey Lazarev. I thought if we win first place, all done with competition forever. But it didn’t. So, I will fight to the last, until you win the first place”.

In addition, the singer admitted that he believes Jamal strong musician. But noted that “the song is ambiguous and is not remembered as the song Lazareva.

“Sergei really enjoyed the Europeans wildly popular. In addition, he was a favorite among bookmakers, and this fact has caused serious concern among the organizers of the competition. And how he was received all the delegations and the common people of Sweden? All wished him victory. All of this instilled in our entire team confidence in the victory. Although sitting somewhere “worm policy, which eventually manifested itself. But no matter what, I am proud of Seryozha’s room and is convinced that it was the best room of the “Eurovision 2016″. And I am convinced that if not changed the rules of voting, then Sergei would have recognized the absolute winner of the contest. And in this I have no one to talk sense,” said Kirkorov.

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