Kirkorov visited the place where she was happy with Pugacheva

Киркоров посетил места, где был счастлив с Пугачевой The singer remembered important moments for yourself during a tour in Bulgaria. Philip went to the hotel where he lived with Donna. He does not deny that still has warm feelings for ex-wife.
Киркоров посетил места, где был счастлив с Пугачевой

The Union of Alla Pugacheva and Phillip Kirkorov in the 90s is considered ideal, as both artists were popular, and besides, in love with each other. The marriage of the star couple broke up in 2005, but the man still can not forget the ex-spouse. During a holiday in Bulgaria, he decided to walk through the places where had a rest together with the Diva.

In the program “New Russian sensations” Kirkorov admitted that he does not like to take memories. The singer prefers to live in the present, but sometimes it’s nice to visit a landmark.

“I remember that when I was young, active, ambitious. We arrived in Bulgaria by car, by limousine. Can you imagine that? Only thanks to the adventurism of Alla we ended up here. Lived on the fourth floor of the hotel, the company was great, but we spent a lot of time together,” said Kirkorov.

Philip still fondly remembers the relationship with Alla Borisovna. He was glad that despite the breakup, they managed to keep the friendship. Communicates Kirkorov and Maxim Galkin, and his children are friends with little Lisa and Harry.

However, the affair with Pugacheva has left too big a mark on the fate of the king of Russian pop scene. It is because of the undying feelings for the Diva Philip still single.

“The former does not happen, I think so. Those relationships were so vivid, enchanting that in the background everything fades instantly. I just closed in itself, gave energy only the hall, the audience. That’s why when the kids came along, I finally was able to Express my emotions to overwhelm me, to give all the accumulated love them. And yet, I do not deny that one day things will change. Maybe there will be such people”, – shared his feelings in the artist.
Киркоров посетил места, где был счастлив с Пугачевой

Now the book feels incredibly happy. He is in demand in the profession, but at the same time to work with children and present them with a lot of surprises. The actor admitted that Alla-Victoria and Martin to constantly surprise. Children grow quickly, they have new interests and their views on certain issues. It turned out that the son helped the father to resolve long-standing conflict with Timothy.

“I came from a tour and found out that Martin became a fan of Timati. He heard broadcast on music channel the song “Lada sedan” and constantly hummed. Besides, my father always spoke of the futility of this conflict, Timothy’s mom also tried to resolve the situation, lead us to peace,” recalled the man.

At the end of the program a man stated that for at least another ten years is not going to leave the profession. He has a lot of creative plans and energy, and example of senior colleagues on the stage inspires the artist to new achievements.