Киркоров, Рудковская и Кудрявцева зажгли на вечеринке Сергея Лазарева The stars congratulated the actor happy birthday. The event in honor of the 35th anniversary of Sergey Lazarev was held in one of the capital’s cafes. The birthday boy partied with friends and received gifts from his colleagues.

On Sunday, his birthday, said Sergey Lazarev. The singer turned 35. On the occasion of the anniversary he collected the star friends at one of the restaurants of the capital. The morning Lazarev was greeted with celebration in social networks. Many of his colleagues in show business know it for many years.

“You did yourself, and I of all people know that, and I saw all that and how did you get to stand on a pedestal and take their rightful place on our stage! Go on your road, and stay the same, as I’ve known you for almost 20 years: an open, honest, kind, cheerful, uncompromising, incredibly talented and generous!” – wrote wishes for friend Philip.

In the midst of the triumph of the king of pop performed his hit “mood Color blue,” and the birthday boy danced with him on stage to the applause of the crowd.

Lera Kudryavtseva, which a few years ago, we met with Sergei, also called for his birthday. It has kept the singer a warm relationship.

“You, of course, unique, talented, professional people with a terrific sense of humor, kind heart and incredible makeovers. Stay thus always!” – wrote the TV host of “million dollar Secret” in the microblog.

The cafe was decorated in red tones. Lazarev himself appeared at the festival in a stylish suit decorated with details from pianoboy skin. Sergei tried to pay attention to each guest. The artist is annealed in a passionate dance with Irina Dubtsova, a video which appeared on her personal page.

Due to a busy work schedule Lazarev until you can arrange a personal life. “I like purposeful and strong persons, – told Sergey “StarHit”. – Attracts, if a girl wants to realize in any profession you find yourself. Don’t like girls and female frequenters of night clubs, it is foolish to spend your life on it when there are so many interesting things. I appreciate sense of humour and self-irony – we should have fun together.”

However, his son Nikita is not deprived of father’s attention. Any free minute an artist spends with him, and often shares the achievements of the boy with their followers. The son was the first to congratulate him with the holiday, singing the famous “Song of crocodile Gena”.