Kirkorov is not mad at Stotsky for the scandal on “the Eurovision”

Киркоров не в обиде на Стоцкую за скандал на «Евровидении»

Pop king of Russian pop and mentor Sergey Lazarev expressed his point of view about the fact that his former protege revealed the secrets of a vote of “Eurovision”.

On “the Eurovision” this year the real rage of passion. Our Sergey Lazarev almost crashed during the first rehearsal of your room, and then he even almost disqualified. And it is not his fault, and Anastasia Stotskaya, which on may 10 a few hours before the start of the first semifinal of “Eurovision” in Stockholm posted the process of a secret ballot of the members of the jury of our country.

For such a gross violation of the rules of our party simply could not withdraw from the contest. All wondered: how could Stotsky, she has always considered a close friend Kirkorov, and here’s a stab in the back!

But, it turns out, Philip, and the Lazarev’re not the least bit offended by the singer.

“Nothing and no one! No fee, jury of “Eurovision” and “the last supper” will not affect our long friendship! — wrote in his blog Kirkorov. — Anything can happen, this could happen to anyone, but there you are. Apparently, my scandalous karma and passed on to you, you’re my student… It will pass! People are different: both good and evil. No offense to them! About whom else to write? Who else to judge? Remember all my stories when I was hurt and injustice. Live, sing songs, dance, put new shows. In spite of the enemies and to the delight of friends, the last you and I have much more! Hang in there! After a week no one will remember this incident in your life! “Live more,” as said by us with you favorite A. B. greetings from Serezha. Everything will be fine!”

Stotsky few days earlier had publicly apologized for his actions and asked fans not to judge her strictly.

“Dear viewers! According to official data, the EBU did not recognize held me broadcast a violation of the principle of secrecy of judicial voting. I don’t regret that I was expelled from the jury. Such a decision in this situation was the correct one. I wasn’t supposed to take video and upload to social network actions of the jury, please, forgive me for this rash act, but was made without malice against the representatives of any country.

I beg you to stop writing nasty things, it hurts me, read above: I do illegal and horrible did not. The big request not to write insults under my photos, you will be immediately removed. Yesterday me and counted out enough as it is, stop it to continue. Let’s close this topic and focus your energy on Sergei, we wish him good luck in the final. Thanks to the people adequate and well who supports me, and anyone who tries to destroy me: you make me stronger.”

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