Kirkorov has cancelled a concert due to clashes over plagiarism

Киркоров отменил концерт из-за разборок вокруг плагиата

The scandal surrounding the authorship of the songs of the king of the pop scene continues to gain momentum.

That day, the country is discussing ugly history with Heath Philip Kirkorov “tough love”. And no end in sight.

It all started in early November when the Moscow city court has accepted to consideration the claim from the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani. Musician Philip Kirkorov accused of plagiarism. The Frenchman rightly said that the song the king of pop, released in 2002, almost copies his work, “Symphonic space dream” in 1999 (read more HERE).

Almost the entire month of Philip Bedrosovich ignored the attacks, then the representatives of the singer went on the offensive and accused Marouani desire popiaritsya by Kirkorov.

Recently Woman’s Day reported that the Russian singer admitted to plagiarism, and even began negotiations on the settlement of the scandal over lawyers. Included the amount of nearly 400 million rubles – money that brought this ill-fated Kirkorov song.

It would seem that the conflict is settled, but there it was. The scandal has flashed with new force, and was a complete mess. The Frenchman and his lawyer Igor Trunov said that he agreed with Philip and his defenders on compensation of 1 million Euro, then the Russian artist and his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky reported in the media that nothing was offered.

Oil poured into the fire Prancer Alexey Stolyarov, better known as Lexus. Supposedly he called and wrote Marouani behalf Kirkorov, unsuspecting about these “negotiations”.

Later in the Metropolitan police received a complaint from a citizen about the extortion of 1 million euros, as well as the dissemination of information about him, defamatory. Law enforcement officers began on this fact check. Marouani and his lawyer Trunov was detained by guards, but soon apologized, released.

Later, the man told the press that the police asked it personally. And announced to the fans in his Instagram about the event cancellation because of investigation files:

“We are very sorry to report the cancellation of the show “I” today in the Mound in connection with the investigation of extortion, – explained the musician. And bring You, my dear audience, my apologies. The concert will take place on another day. A new date will be announced later. All tickets remain valid. Bye!”