На Киркорова подали заявление в МВД и жалобу Генпрокурору

Defender Didier Marouani Igor Trunov went on the offensive and also intends to sue.

A detective story with a hit of Philip Kirkorov “tough love” continues to gain momentum. And no end in sight.

Woman’s Day talked to all the parties to the conflict, including the media, which added fuel to the fire.

Alexander Dobrovinsky, the lawyer of Philip Kirkorov

Alexander Dobrovinsky has confirmed that he was negotiating with Maruani, and received correspondence from the phone pranksters:

— Personal meeting with Marouani and a lawyer, I only had Monday in the Bank, never before nor I, nor Philip, nor before nor after. And calls and talks is all the media that all the correspondence was passed to us. I took her to Philip, he was horrified to read it and went to the police.

— Why say, when must be the ass?

— This question to these people. No one understands why the book. Probably because there’s no money in Popkov, and Kirkorov has – they went for the money.

Kirkorov’s lawyer also said that the claim in the Moscow city court from Marouani “and there never was.” And no money to pay Marouani his client is not going: “No, impossible! Don’t hurt me!”

Igor Trunov, the lawyer Didier Marouani

The party Marouani insists that they spoke with Kirkorov and his lawyer, not the culprit.

— Well, what the media, because in the savings Bank, he came and confirmed it, – says Igor Trunov. — Before to meet, and I still have the negotiations conducted, and Didier, and there were calls Dobrovinsky.

— Why this amount?

— Money – issue 250. First signed agreement, in which all the questions are written. If you do not pay the agreement, there is a penalty, costs, use of other people’s money – then we get everything two times more than stipulated in the agreement. What’s the money? You need a notarized agreement.

Kirkorov brought the money, and said that he now has the entire amount, there is an advance. I explained that we do not need any money up front. First, sign agreement, and money to deal. And then the cops arrive.

— Why Marouani “woke up” 14 years after the appearance of the song Kirkorov?

— Rostov fan of Didier informed him that the song Philip very suspiciously coincides with the song Didier, Rostov was even a TV show about it. And after meeting with a fan of Didier appealed to the lawyers. He had 18 processes around the world in terms of plagiarism, all he won. But the 19th is developing in criminal law plane suddenly for the whole world. So in our country originally decide the question of copyright.

But the book claims that the song was written Popkov three years earlier?

— Popkov in the year born. Nonsense. Yes, we agree. Go to court and find out. What does the police? He calls me and says Yes, I’ll admit that he committed a wrongful act and agrees to compensate the damage. He calls the first one million rubles, then raises up to a million dollars. He calls that it initiates, it offers. If the song is written before, for God’s sake, go to court and find out. If we do not prove, the court playable, and Didier France. What’s a felony?

So what’s with the court?

— We filed in the court, but we changed the location. We decided some expertise during this time to order. But police are seized to check after the statement Kirkorov.

— What did the autopsies show?

— Conducted in France and Russia. Match 47% on the song and 71% on the chorus.

— What now?

— We wrote a complaint to the attorney General and a more detailed statement of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation about excitation of criminal case against a lawyer Kirkorov and himself under part 2 of article 306 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (obviously false denunciation).

— Why claim to Kirkorov, not to Oleg Popkov?

Because the copyright of the song is the man. It is not just a performer, he is the copyright holder. By law he is responsible. It’s his song, his property.

Is not a joke, that Marouani and Kirkorov had planned to play together?

— Initiative fully came from Kirkorov on a press-conferences in the future act in the same pink shirts were fancy with makeup and hairstyles. He came to us, called and suggested several times, first a small amount, then sufficient. Proposed time and place of the meeting. Marouani here under this “sauce” it came to Russia specifically for this purpose.

Yury Makeev, the independent expert on audio and phonoscopic examination

— To identify possible plagiarism and art phonoscopic examination. The work must be completely authentic, i.e., be identical in all notes with essay Marouani. Here it is not. Copyright here cannot be broken. For example, the US national anthem one repeats to one Russian folk song “From behind the island to the rod”. This does not mean that the Ministry of culture of R. F. should sue for a billion dollars? Claims Marouani against Kirkorov totally baseless, barren, devoid of any legal and scientific, technical, or creative reason. No relation to copyright, plagiarism does not have in principle. Especially the song Kirkorov was written three years earlier. In this case, Philip must make a complaint, we were told Yuri Makeev, the independent expert on audio and phonoscopic examination, the chief of expert management of the Russian Federation Federal Committee for the fight against corruption in the higher echelons of power.

Recall that it all started in early November when the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani filed a lawsuit in court through your lawyer Igor Trunov. Musician Philip Kirkorov accused of plagiarism. The Frenchman has stated that the song the king of pop, released in 2002, almost copies his work, “Symphonic space dream” in 1999.

Philip Bedrosovich long ignored the attacks, but enough is enough. The actor accused the French counterpart in the desire for PR and greed.

Then the man suddenly recognized the plagiarism and said that after the lawyer began peace talks with the pretrial Marouani, 29 Nov personally found Didier and his lawyer in the Bank with a suitcase full of money. It would seem that the conflict is settled, but there it was. Directly in the Bank opponents of Philip wrings the police, he takes to the office and starts checking on the statement of the Russian singer of extortion of 1 million euros and the dissemination of information about him, defamatory. Several hours later, the Frenchman with a lawyer released. But check on Kirkorov’s statement continued. Philip cancelled the concerts because of the investigation files, Marouani has not taken off in France. Friday Marouani still went to Paris (but promised to return), Kirkorov went on tour, and Trunov Dobrovinsky and remain in Moscow awaiting the decision on excitation of criminal case.