Kirkorov faces class action lawsuit from Western artists

Киркорову грозит коллективный иск от западных артистов

The leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani haunt the songs of the Russian pop king.

“I didn’t know that love can be cruel and the heart so alone…” as soon as we hear these lines, in front of us immediately presented with the image of Philip Bedrosovich addressing another song main love of his life – Alla Pugacheva.

“But, no,” – said the leader of the French group Space. Earlier Didier Marouani has stated that the song Kirkorov “tough love” – plagiarism composition Symphonic space dream (and nothing that melodies are performed in different languages, if the refrain is similar…). And it would seem that the executors failed to resolve the conflict, but there it was! The case got a new twist.

In particular, the lawyer of Monsieur Marouani said that the king of pop could borrow for the repertoire a few… dozen songs.

“Today we found a list of works where there are big doubts about the authorship of Philip Kirkorov, it includes about 30 songs. Among those there was several Western stars of show business that we want to negotiate. Maybe it will be a class action against Kirkorov” – said Igor Trunov, says NSN.

However, to be a court or not, is another question. In the meantime, the author of “tough love” Oleg Popkov, LLC “Philipp Kirkorov production”, Sony Music and other defendants require 75,34 million rubles in damages from copyright infringement and moral damages. However, according to the lawyer of the group Space, he has not communicated with Kirkorov and considers it premature. Yes, and the claim the court has not yet accepted. Filed documents in the Moscow city court, and then forwarded to the district lawyer.

By the way

Kirkorov himself about the claims of Monsieur Marouani learned from the media…

“No lawsuit yet Philip did not, except for the hype in the press, which was started by lawyer Didier Marouani PR. Apparently his lawyer is trying harder to promote the name Marouani before the gig in Russia, or with the aim of increasing sales of musical compositions of this musician. Claims Marouani funny because the melodies are not similar. Judge for yourself, we are talking about the song 15 years ago”, – commented the head of the press service Kirkorov Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (read more HERE).