Киркорову может грозить шесть лет тюрьмы за ложный донос

The dispute between Philip Kirkorov and group leader Didier Marouani Space continues.

A famous Frenchman once again flew to Moscow to bring to justice the Russian pop-king for a false denunciation (article 306 of the criminal code). Apparently, Maruani is not going to pull Kirkorov with what he accused him of extortion.

Recall that extortion Philip called the lawsuit, which gave him Didier violations of copyright and related rights. The Frenchman has demanded from the Russian by $ 1 million for plagiarizing his compositions Symphonic Space Dream, which he clearly heard in the song “Cruel love”.

Note that the responsibility for plagiarism Marouani requires not only Kirkorov, but also the author of the song, record company and distributor.

“Go to the end, believe in the Russian justice system, agrees to the settlement agreement,” said Didier.

If the French musician will be able to succeed, Kirkorov faces up to six years of imprisonment.