Kirkorov commented on the scandalous video

Киркоров прокомментировал скандальное видео
The singer responded to the allegations of misconduct on the streets of Miami.

Photo: @fkirkorov Instagram Philip Kirkorov

Philip, it seems, met the new “pink dress”. A fan, who asked the king of pop’s autograph, had accused the singer in public humiliation. According to her, she met Philip in one of the main streets of Miami. She allegedly politely asked to give it time and give an autograph, but in the answer have heard obscene abuse.

Immediately after, she took the phone from his pocket and began to remove Kirkorov on camera. Later she has published in Network video, the footage which haunts Philip, and requires him to apologize for what was said. The singer in the frames of the video ignores the fan, pretending to be busy talking on the telephone. Fan now threatening to sue the king of pop in court for the offense.

A little later, the representatives of the media contacted the artist to clarify the situation. A man pleaded not guilty, saying that he is often persecuted by strangers on the street. “Well, bugging me daily so many people on the street… I’m on vacation there. Stuck. Something wants. I already very difficult for anything to bother. I’m used to it all.” — commented on his behavior Philip in an interview with REN-TV.

Recall that Philip flew to Miami the other day. There he rests together with children, Christina Aguilera, and her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and their daughter Claudia.