Kirkorov children sang along with his dad song

Дети Киркорова исполнили вместе с папой его песню

In Sochi is now undergoing a music festival “New wave”, which gathered under its roof many famous artists. One of them was Philip. He was leading the evening performance of his songs. First on stage were his children, Alla-Victoria and Martin who sang the hit your father “my Bunny”.

Дети Киркорова исполнили вместе с папой его песню

Before the artist who sang one of the songs of his repertoire, the book told the story of its creation and the emergence of the idea. One of the brightest stars arrived on the shore of the Black sea, to sing songs of the king of the Russian platform. But the highlight of the evening was the signature issue of his children — Alla-Victoria and Martin. The kids sang a song of his dad under a cute name “my Bunny”. This song was quite popular in the 90-ies.

The audience was just in awe of what is happening. Touched by the father supported his children and even sang along with them. Girl Alla-Victoria at the end of the performance gave a bouquet of flowers, and the children got back to the room to the grandfather Bedros Kirkorov.

Дети Киркорова исполнили вместе с папой его песню

In addition to Philip Kirkorov, the festival was attended by famous Soso Pavliashvili. He also went on stage and performed the song “Honey.” The contractor told reporters that to choose a song for the speech he was helped by his wife Irina. The actor said that Kirkorov has sent him more than 30 songs, of which he had to choose. It was not easy, so without the help of his wife, he would not have done.

“Great song, we slightly altered, made from the heart. Philip sent me 30 pieces of songs, one better than the other. My wife listened and advised: “Take this song, but do it your way. Everything will be fine”. I listened to her intuition and was very intense,” admits the singer.

Also it has been not blonde Vera Brezhnev. She presented the audience with his new look. White curls of it was painted in pink color and performed the song “fire and Water”. At the end of the song to Brezhnev joined himself to Philip. She considers the actor her idol and aspires to the same success. She attended the event to support the famous artist and show your feelings in relation to his work.

“I feel for the first rung on its top. Of course, I will aim to 50 years to Philip. I hope that will delight listeners with the songs. But now I want to support Philip, to show how we feel his songs,” Vera said.