Киркоров признался, что мечтает о тату

The singer came on stage in Baku in sweater Nude, pictures where you looked like tattoos. Woman’s Day asked, and whether there is a real tattoo on the body of the king of pop.

Saturday, July 9, in Baku started the festival of “Heat”. Many stars arrived in the capital of Azerbaijan, to support their friend and colleague Emin Agalarov, could not miss this event, Philip.

And as always, the first evening managed to surprise the audience. The singer came on stage in t-shirt Nude drawings on which like tattoos. From afar it seemed as if this is a real wearable drawings. This from Kirkorov was not expected. Especially in a t-shirt, tank top, the audience almost for the first time saw the singer… prior To that, he preferred a more closed clothes. “Is this really a tattoo?” thought the audience, looking at the idol.

— As much as I wanted the tattoo, you still wouldn’t have done, admitted to Woman’s Day the singer. I like to change the images to surprise, to try new things. A tattoo is for life. I’m afraid that will make the tattoo, and a week later wants a new image, and how then to be? But with clothes to fool around a bit sometimes. This jacket from Dsquared2 runway collection 2016 I purchased another before the start of his new show “I” in it and perform at every concert. Just used to wear it under a jacket and yesterday, for the first time under a t-shirt.

By the way, Philip, Baku time actively. The day before the concert, the singer took a walk around the city with their dancers.

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