Мать Кирилла Серебренникова умерла после тяжелой болезни The famous Director has lost a loved one. Mother Kirill Serebrennikov, Irina has passed away over the weekend. Over a long period of time the woman struggled with serious illness.

As journalists, theatre and film Director Kirill Serebrennikov has lost a loved one. The mother of the artist died on Saturday, February 17, after a long and severe illness. About what the suffered Irina Litvin, not specified.

Farewell ceremony with the resident of Rostov-on-don was held on Monday, February 19, in North cemetery, followed by cremation. About it journalists were told by the spouse of Irina and father of the famous Director Semyon Mikhailovich.

According to a family friend, who wished to remain anonymous, recently the Director’s mother was very sick. Irina couldn’t get out of bed, as he was paralyzed. About the fact that there was her son, who is under house arrest, at the funeral, an insider said.

It is known that Kirill Serebrennikov was very close with his mother. The woman was committed teacher, she taught students Russian language and literature. Early childhood Serebrennikov was surrounded by art and culture – his grandfather Alexander Litvin documentaries and were the founders of the Studio “Moldova-film”. Cyril himself once admitted that he considers himself a hereditary filmmaker.

Parent Serebrennikov did not like to communicate with journalists, and if they agreed, preferred to talk about the famous son. Irina was proud of the success of the heir.

“I’m a hard man, completely uncompromising, emotional. Even I would say that my male character. And father Kirill, Semyon Mikhailovich – a doctor by profession, the exact opposite of me – he is more reasonable. So where I was too far, he has restored the balance. I’m with Cyril, at home together, never Lisp, and always spoke like an adult,” said a woman correspondents.

As noted by the Director’s mother, she’s never done with heir lessons. The future Director to prepare their own lessons and had a high degree of responsibility. Serebrennikov considered a Komsomol leader who was a role model. School Cyril graduated with a gold medal.

Irina loved to shock others and do not let the son to develop his own style. “He likes expensive branded stuff. Here are just still don’t know exactly their size. So often clothes I buy him. Perhaps that is why he is still not married. He needs a wife-mother,” admitted the woman.

According to the TASS and Komsomolskaya Pravda.