Kirill Serebrennikov can go to prison for 10 years

Кирилл Серебренников может сесть в тюрьму на 10 лет
Tonight a famous film Director Kirill Serebrennikov was arrested right on the set.

Кирилл Серебренников может сесть в тюрьму на 10 лет

In St. Petersburg, where he took the arrest, Kirill Serebrennikov made a film about Victor Tsoy called “Summer”. The reason for the detention of the Director was charged with the theft of at least 68 million rubles. Pieces of silver have already been delivered to the capital, where the court’s decision will depend, will hold it during the investigation in prison or go under house arrest. Temporarily the acting head of the theater “Gogol-center”, which was chaired by the Director, appointed his Deputy, Yulia Kalinina.

Кирилл Серебренников может сесть в тюрьму на 10 лет

Almost immediately after the arrest Serebrennikov, in the Internet appeared the petition, pointing out the political implications of the arrest: “We demand to stop the prosecution of Kirill Serebrennikov and his team for political reasons. Artists should have the right to freely Express their opinion. It guaranteed them by the Constitution of our country. Law enforcement investigators should not become a cudgel to intimidate those who disagree with government policy. Stop political persecution of Kirill Serebrennikov!”. The appeal has already signed several thousand people.

Many Russian actors, Directors and public figures have already expressed support for the Director, calling his arrest incredibly hard. Not previously remained in the side ever French film star Isabelle Huppert, applied directly to the Russian President: “Putin, leave him alone! It is better to attend its productions.”

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