Kirill Safonov Kozhevnikov saved from death

Кирилл Сафонов спас Кожевникову от гибели
The actor had at the last moment and did not let the star fall from the bridge.

Кирилл Сафонов спас Кожевникову от гибели

Valeria Kozhevnikov, Denis Shvedov, Tony Kay

Photo: Press service

In Moscow finished shooting the original project for British filmmaker Tony
Kay “HollyWhore”, which, in spite of his talent after the conflict
with the producers of “American history X” long fell out of Hollywood clips. Later
nineteen years, Tony came to Russia to shoot his film in which
involved Russian actors.

the role in the film is Valeria Kozhevnikov. “My heroine Natalya is obsessed with acting, she does not need any children, nor
family, no love. From the fact that it is not useful, Natalia slowly coming off
mind. — says the actress. In her success not believe no one, not even her family… the Role of
very interesting and deep. In many scenes I had to leave the area
comfort and literally walk all over you. But I fully
trusted the Director and his vision. Tony’s like he hypnotized me, and I
subconsciously feel that he wants. He has a unique
the ability to strip you out spiritually.”

Indeed, some
the shooting was very extreme. For example, in the scene of a suicide attempt
Valerie had to climb a high bridge and very dangerous hanging down
shouting in English. Some time later, near the bridge gathered a bunch of
onlookers, who did not realize that this movie is trying to call
help for girls.

Кирилл Сафонов спас Кожевникову от гибели

Valeriy Kozhevnikov

Photo: Press service

By the way, the script to save
Natalia had her boyfriend in the person of actor Kirill Safonov, famously
passing over the bridge on a bike. But salvation was not touching and
romantic, and very tough and emotional.

“Shooting is definitely very exciting, Tony is a Director of one of the
my favorite movies — said Safonov. — Of course, there is a language barrier. Us
you have to play it in English. And Tony loves improvisation,
to change something at the last moment and slanders the text immediately before
the shooting”.

To fight with the English text
had and actor Denis Shvedov, who played in the film the teacher
acting. Tony just before the shooting changed the text,
which Valeria and Denis learned previously. Asked many times to repeat actors
words and sentences with different intonation, which has been on the move, shooting
close-UPS of their faces, while asking Valeriy to be a cat, a chicken.

Kirill Safonov

Photo: Press service

for work with Tony, for me it was an experiment, because it’s not
what we used in the film. You are constantly in confusion
and the analysis itself. Tony just tells where the frame is and what you need to say, and then
gives you at the mercy of all that should happen in the frame — shared the actor. —
For me was an interesting experience to talk with a genius and watching him”

The following
part of the filming will take place in Los Angeles. But, according to Tony, except for the weather he
much like in Russia, and perhaps soon he will come back here
to shoot some scenes.

“HollyWhore” –
the story of a struggling Russian actress, Natalia. Sometimes
I think she lost a sense of reality and it only has
narcissistic feelings. She seemed to only focus on myself.
To name a few roles through murder, massacre and fictional monsters, it is
the greatest stage in the world – Hollywood.
It is a fascinating Saga of the struggle of the ego and alter – ego of Natalia. As well
the film will show self-irony directed against oneself and the “kitchen” of Hollywood.
“In the movie you will see the elements of psychological Thriller, drama,
fantasy,life-show, Comedy, everyone will find
something different,” says Tony Kay, who wants to complete the project
the beginning of next year to be able to present a picture on one of the world’s