Кирилл Сафонов довел взрослую дочь до слез
The actor conspired with the groom Anastasia.

Kirill Safonov proved himself as a loving father. Yesterday was the birthday of his daughter, Anastasia, who lives in new York. On the 24th anniversary of the heiress of the artist made an unexpected and very touching surprise that brought the birthday girl to tears. Cyril, without telling Anastasia, came to America to personally to congratulate her.

On arrival Safonova only knew his future son — in-law Stephen Murphy. The groom Anastasia, the financier from Ireland, helped the actor to keep the arrival a secret. Unplanned meeting with her father was excited by the birthday girl, who burst into tears from emotion.

“What to give a daughter who lives in new York city for a birthday? Yourself! The surprise was a success!” commented on your gift for Cyril. By the way, with him in the restaurant appeared and Sasha Savelyeva, which is located in a very good relationship with the stepdaughter. She performed in the role of the operator, filmed on camera meeting a loving father with a daughter. Later shots touching meeting Safonov shared in his microblog.

Anastasia Safonova and Stephen Murphy

Photo: Social networks

Among other things, future husband, Anastasia made her at least a memorable gift: take it for a ride in a helicopter over new York. For the trip with “Mr. bond”, as he calls Safonova future husband, she braved her fear of flying.