Кирилл Клейменов попрощался с должностью ведущего программы «Время» Catherine Andreyev and Vitaliy Eliseev proceed to complete work on the Moscow editions. Kirill Kleimenov, who temporarily replaced by colleagues, spoke about his retirement in the program “Time”. Viewers congratulate Andreev and Yeliseyev with the return.
Кирилл Клейменов попрощался с должностью ведущего программы «Время»

Head of Directorate of information programmes of the First channel Kirill Kleimenov stops leading the news program “Time”. About this journalist said on television, which showed on Tuesday, 8 may. Kleimenov said goodbye to the audience and made it clear that his work came to an end.

Now in Central Russia will start showing on weekdays Ekaterina Andreeva and Vitaly Eliseev, until recently, worked on regional broadcasts and releases that were shown at the weekend. Presenters will alternately change each other.

“Not until tomorrow. The time has come to say goodbye, because it was a narrative in measured terms. We will not hide, I wanted to entertain you a bit. But there is nothing boring than the protracted entertainment,” said Kleimenov in the First channel.
Кирилл Клейменов попрощался с должностью ведущего программы «Время»

That Andreev and Elisha will return to broadcasting for Central Russia, reported some time ago. Changes in the composition of the leading associated with the emergence of new interactive Studio. It was explained that the stars of the First channel will be trained in the capabilities of modern technology.

Kirill Kleymenov returned to the anchor chair of “Time” after more than a decade. First editions with the participation of Deputy Director General of the First channel showed a January 1 (the anniversary was then aired on the 50th anniversary of the transfer) and 19 Feb. In the beginning of 2018 guest kleimenova became the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of state congratulated the staff of “Time” on the holiday and called the program “the leader of news broadcasting in our country.”

Kleimenova appointment has caused a mixed reaction from the public. Some fans of Ekaterina Andreeva believed that she forever said goodbye with the same work and demanded the return of the celebrity on the air in Central Russia. However, on the First channel denied the rumors about leaving the stars.

In contrast to his colleagues, Kleimenov filed news maximum figuratively. The journalist could easily refer to famous writers, carry vivid comparisons and ironic. The big resonance was caused by the phrase kleimenova about the “may decree” of Vladimir Putin. In the issue of may 7, he compared life expectancy in Russia and Europe. According to kleimenova, abroad saying that “medicine is better and people live longer, though more boring”. In Russia, the “fun but short”.