Кирилл Андреев может еще раз стать отцом The artist predicted the birth of his daughter. According to the psychic, Kirill Andreev and his wife should move the implementation of these plans, since the emergence of the successor is possible only in the next two years.

      Кирилл Андреев может еще раз стать отцом

      Last year, Kirill Andreev celebrated 15 years of marriage with his wife Lolita, the couple grows 15-year-old son Kirill. About the family life of an artist has always been a lot of rumors. Some tried to catch Andreev in the piece, others, however, stood up for him and strongly argued, this Union strong. Anyway, the Cyril and Lolita do not tend to spread about his personal life. Talking about infidelity of the wise wife of a musician reacts calmly, while maintaining composure and a sense of self-worth. The woman admitted that to trust beloved and long accustomed to the fact that they are trying to embroil. “StarHit” decided to find out what awaits in the future 45-year-old soloist of “Ivanushki-International” and what kind of change should wait for his family.

      The sixth winner of “Battle of psychics” Mohsen, Norouzi convinced that relations Andreyev with his wife, everything is in order. The family is happy together, and between them there’s no ambiguity. Moreover, a psychic predicted Cyril and lolita the birth of her daughter. It is the appearance of the successor, in the opinion of men, will help the pair to avoid a crisis.

      “Cyril, happily married, sober, happy, energetic and full of energy,” says Mohsen. Largely the reason for his success is his faithful companion-his wife Lola – strong, with a male character, admirable will and the right to vote in the family. Only son of Cyril suggest to give training the profile of management and Economics, because the future in his work I see. The lack of daughters in the family, I think this is a big omission – the birth of a baby would bring great joy to all. However, they have a chance to improve, only they should hurry up the birth of an heiress perhaps in the next two years.”

      Not left without attention, Norouzi the fact that the artist will have the chance to realize your dream. According to the psychic, Andreev would like to move, and this opportunity he will have. “I feel that Cyril many years wants to change their place of residence. In his life there is a high probability of relocation overseas, – said the winner of battle of the psychics”. – In 2016 a pair of Kirill will be able to successfully purchase a luxury property in Moscow at the best price. However, with the business worth to wait: 2016 and first quarter 2017 –a bad period for the development of new projects. Cyril in the group “Ivanushki International” will have a successful tour of America and Canada, which still seemed to hang in the air. Long road in his life will be good.”

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