“KINOTAVR — 2017” IN LIVE: she is not only a blogger!

«КИНОТАВР — 2017» В ПРЯМОМ ЭФИРЕ: Ирина Горбачева не только блогер!
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Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Instagram Irina Gorbacheva

If for a moment imagine that almost two
million followers Irina Gorbacheva in Instagram will soon buy the tickets and watch in cinemas
the film “Arrhythmia” with her participation, it will ensure rental success. And
while this picture which was shot by renowned Director Boris Khlebnikov presented in the competition program of the 28th open
the Russian festival “Kinotavr”.

Gorbachev takes
in this film the main role and will now be able to surprise their fans not only
humorous videos on the web. After all, Irina — a wonderful dramatic actress, but to get
the performances with her participation difficult for those who do not live in Moscow.

The actress came
in Sochi on the eve of the premiere of the film “Arrhythmia”, but from the beginning of the festival
here was her husband Grigory Kalinin and he watched all the contest pictures.

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