Все могут короли! Отдых Баскова на яхте в Италии

The singer amazed fans pictures of luxury yachts and private jets.

Many of the stars of this hot summer I decided to wait out at sea. And already reported to the fans images of palm trees, oysters and of course a bikini… But Nikolai Baskov this year surpassed all.

The singer just settled in a luxury hotel somewhere in the French Riviera, and organized recreation on a private boat off the coast of Italy. And flew to a luxury “swallow”, furrowing the Mediterranean sea on a private helicopter.

“A pleasant surprise” – signed the Golden voice of Russia pictures of beautiful yachts.

Did you take it in a romantic weekend Sophie, or a yacht owned by one of his friends, Nicholas chose not to report, and only continued to lay out the sun card.

Followers of the singer, and almost 350 thousand people, glad for their idol and wished him to gain “more power”. And then continue to delight in the concerts.

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