По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ “StarHit” recalls the wedding that will be remembered in history. Wedding representatives of the Royal dynasties are nearly always large and expensive, but only some of them really memorable people.
По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Their life is watching millions served, and a wedding for royalty at all attracted incredible attention from people from different parts of the globe. Over recent decades the Royal family have organized many colourful ceremonies. On the eve of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “StarHit” gathered the most interesting and memorable wedding of the royals. What the ceremony has already become history?


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

The biggest wedding of the XXI century took place on 29 April 2011. On this day Prince William finally settled down and married longtime girlfriend Catherine Middleton. By the way, the pair started Dating back in 2001, but then their romance was not taken seriously.

For the most significant event in her life Kate chose a dress from fashion house Alexander McQueen, which was personally created by creative Director Sarah Burton. Outfit the ivory, decorated with lace, was recognized as one of the most feminine and elegant in the entire history of fashion.

По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

But Prince William chose for the ceremony a red uniform of the Irish guards, which complements the traditional military cap.

Wedding of the crown Prince was broadcasted around the world, and after the ceremony, it is still a few months discussing how fashion critics and political figures.

Now Kate Middleton is considered one of the most popular women in the world. She gave birth to her chosen three heirs: sons, George and Louis, and daughter, Charlotte.

Many English people compare Kate to Princess Diana, because she is as close to the people and loved by ordinary citizens of the country. This Union strengthened the position of Prince Wilma and increased its popularity. Reason increasingly frequently in the press there are rumors that the Duke of Cambridge would take the throne after the death of Elizabeth II bypassing his father Prince Charles.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Parents of Prince William at the time threw no less than a magnificent wedding. It took place on 29 June 1981. Many witnesses called the ceremony a fairytale, and in its scope and it went down in history.

Festive attire Diana Spencer at that time was worth nine thousand pounds. It was designed by little-known designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel. Hallmark steel dress huge sleeves and a huge train. It was made of silk taffeta, decorated with lace, hand embroidery, crystals and ten thousand pearls.

Now this outfit is stored in the UK, under the supervision of brother of Princess Diana.

But Charles chose a much more modest costume. In accordance with the British traditions he preferred the dress uniform of the marine commander.

At the wedding in St. Paul’s Cathedral was attended by 3,500 people, but at the gala dinner, invited 120 people. On a huge ceremony spent tens of thousands of pounds, but she did not bring to spouses of happiness.

По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Already in the late ‘ 80s, the press began to appear the rumors about infidelity Charles. Princess Diana tried to find solace in caring for two sons and charitable activities. However, in the end, her marriage still ended in divorce, issued in 1996.

A few months later Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris under strange circumstances. Subjects of great Britain immediately accused Elizabeth II of involvement in the tragedy.

Anyway, Diana is still one of the most beloved and respected figures in British history. A reason the British called it not only as the Princess of hearts.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Of course, Pippa Middleton has no relationship to the Royal family, but her wedding was still riveted everyone’s attention. The British were interested in whether younger sister Kate to outdo her in terms of the magnitude and chic ceremony.

The wedding of Pippa and her lover, a former racing driver and now a businessman, James Matthews, was held on 20 may 2017.

The bride chose a dress by Giles deacon with a dull collar and elegant back cutout in the shape of a heart. Due to the fact that silk dress was almost completely embroidered with lace, it seemed that it has no seams. Veil for wedding image was created by Steven Jonze, and shoes embellished with pearls, has fulfilled himself, Manolo Blahnik. By the way, the pearls were the main “chip” of the image, because they were embellished and the dress and jewelry of the bride.

The bridegroom chose a black suit, which I completed with a boutonniere of white flowers.

The ceremony was attended by about one hundred guests, among them were Prince William and Kate Middleton with children. For the ceremony the Duchess of Cambridge chose a beige dress with a deep neckline. Her daughter Charlotte and is touched by all present when I brought the rings to the altar.

По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Despite all the efforts of Pippa, her wedding was not as gorgeous as her sister. Now the younger Middleton is pregnant, and in October of 2018 must first become a mom.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

The crown Prince of Monaco albert II has always had a questionable reputation. In the press it appeared the rumors about his new novels with well-known models, and the monarch had officially recognized the two illegitimate children from different women.

That is the only thing the heirs of the Prince could not get the throne. According to the official legislation of Monaco, in the absence of a pretender to the throne, the country loses its sovereignty and becomes a protectorate of France. That is why a country with such reverence was waiting for albert II to finally decide on one.

In the end, he opted for a professional swimmer Charlene Wittstock, which met a few months before the wedding ceremony. The wedding itself took place on 2 July 2011, and almost turned into a scandal.

The fact that the wedding ceremony, which took place on 1 July, was delayed for hours. There were rumours that Charlene Wittstock tried to run away from the wedding, but her time had stopped.

По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

In the end, the bride appeared at the festival in a chic dress from Giorgio Armani silk 5-foot train adorned with 40,000 Swarovski crystals and 20,000 pearls. Her image was so successful that Charlene even deserve a comparison with the mother of the elect is grace Kelly.

But Prince albert II has chosen for an important event crisp white uniform. In an exclusive ceremony attended by several thousand guests gathered in Monaco from around the world.

10 December 2014 Princess Charlene officially saved Monaco from the loss of sovereignty, giving birth to twins Jacques and Gabriella.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Hardly anywhere are fond of their monarchy, as in Jordan. Queen Rania has long been considered a fashion icon and the epitome of sophisticated Eastern women.

Wedding of Prince Abdullah II and Rania took place on 10 June 1993, and is still considered one of the most striking ceremonies in the history of the Middle East.

He Abdullah II in many interviews and documentaries touching remembered how was his first meeting with his future wife.

“It was a chance meeting. I then commanded a tank battalion, and we had exercises in the desert. I let go of his people on twenty-four hours. My sister invited me to dinner. I haven’t been home. Took a shower, got dressed and went. At the dinner was Rania. I looked at her once and realized she was the only one, and I do not need another,” said the current king of Jordan.

The most important day of the bride was dressed in a white dress with gold trim from British designer Bruce Oldfield. Image of a young woman turned sophisticated and extremely elegant. However beautiful the dress was so heavy that Rania could hardly sit in the car. In the end, during the ceremony she was assisted by five girls who spread the plume and followed the newly-minted Princess.

Now Abdullah II and Queen Rania is considered one of the most famous couples of the world. A young woman gave birth to your darling four children, and during the time spent in power acquired the status of indisputable style icons.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Pierre Casiraghi is unlikely to ever take the throne of Monaco, because he is the seventh candidate for the honorary position of Prince. However, the wedding of the grandson of Rainier II has rightly become one of the most exciting events of 2015.

With his chosen aristocrat Beatrice Borromeo Pierre had met seven years. In the end, the couple officially legalized relationships July 25, 2015. A celebration in honor of the marriage lasted as much as two weeks, and during that time the bride had to change a few outfits. However, fans of the star couple especially memorable outfit with a religious ceremony.

Dress Giorgio Armani Privé from lightweight satin and silk, decorated with lace on the bodice, it was recognized by fashion critics incredibly elegant. Beatrice chose to abandon the cause of the cut in favor of understated classics. But the heavy plume have been reminded that guests are, after all, the Royal wedding.

По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Later on the island of Isolino di San Giovanni was another ceremony and Beatrice chose a much more candid, but all the same sophisticated outfit. But Pierre Casiraghi in the first and in the second case, gave preference to the classic suit.

In 2017, the Prince and his fiancee for the first time become parents, and recently, it was reported that Beatrice is pregnant again.


По-королевски: самые шикарные свадьбы монарших особ

Eighth July 2017 famous Russian designer, Ekaterina Malysheva married Prince Ernst of Hanover, who is a relative of albert II of Monaco and a descendant of British monarchs.

The wedding was preceded by a scandal, as the father of the groom Prince Ernst August V of Hanover to attend the ceremony and refused. He suspected that Catherine had Mercantile goals for an Alliance. However, even this sad circumstance could not spoil the overall impression of a huge ceremony.

The bride went to the altar in a dress by the Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour. Outfit with a long train was manually blow, and the ornament of Chantilly lace with dozens of pearls lasted three and a half months. But, the groom chose a grey striped trousers and a long jacket, which complements a white shirt.

Until the wedding, the lovebirds met a few years. They are carefully prepared for the ceremony, and in the end gave a really lavish feast, which was attended by many secular persons, including members of the ruling dynasty of Monaco.