Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Kim With Eun – one of the most popular Actresses and models in South Korea with the fate of the real Cinderella, angelic face and strong character. In 15 years, this representative, we can say, one of the lowest social classes of the Republic became known. The popularity of the girl took part in the filming of the Korean movie “Two boys”. Unremarkable role of the second plan, executed brilliantly, became a powerful impetus for the meteoric career of Kim With Eun.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Korean Cinderella Kim With Eun – story takeoff

Kim se Eun was born in 1989 in a poor province South Korea Gyeonggi-do. Despite the poverty of the family, the girl received a good education, graduating from primary and secondary school, which is typical for members of her social level, but higher. Education Kim did the grandmother who insisted that she studied, and personal lives left “for later”, contrary to the national principles. Next was University, faculty of “Cinema and theatre” that girl graduated with honors.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Kim Se Eun

Career actress began when Kim was still in high school in 2004, she starred in the first cameo, followed by a more substantial work:

  • “The iron Empress”,
  • “Sad love story”,
  • “Sisters of the sea”,
  • “Hana Yori Dango”.

Personal life Kim With Eun – rather, it is a cause for speculation, since her not at all. The girl is engaged in a career, trying himself in new directions for acting work in major films and serials was followed by success in the modeling business, and not less loud part in a reality show.

Personal life Kim se Eun

About my personal life actress and model likes to talk with the press. The only thing it can afford, and then only once – to discuss the criteria for a future husband to reporters. But here, it cost only a General description and comparison of the ideal man with their idols – actor Won Bin or singer Nick Kuhn.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

The ideal of Kim Eun With actor Won Bin

It’s surprising that about possible romances With Kim Eun does not know anything. For all its popularity and appeal, it manages to avoid the scandalous publications in the yellow media, and never fall for the “sights” of the paparazzi. Natural restraint and modesty, absence of grounds for gossip – apparently, this is the secret that allows you to hide your personal life Kim se Eun.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Photo Kim With Eun alleged boyfriend

The only scandal in which was involved a South Korean actress and model Kim se-Eun, associated with the reality show “Newlyweds”. Users of one of the Internet forums saw the love undertones in her relationship with son Ho Joon, which was contrary to the rules of the show and demanded to remove Kim from the project. However, the rumors were denied by agents, actors, and the scandal descended.

Filmography the best work of Kim se Eun

Main genres of films featuring Kim With Eun – Comedy, romance and drama. The actress is equally confident and brilliantly cope with any role, be it police young Yu-ri closed or teenager with unusual abilities, bringing in mystical film-Thriller.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Not worse than it looks on the covers of glossy magazines. Kim se Eun is clothing brand YSB at fashion shows, has extended the cooperation contract with the office of the company Will Entertainment, actively removed in advertising of Korean cosmetics in different directions, and caring, and decorative.

		Ким Со Ын: личная жизнь

Fate, career and personal life of a Korean woman Kim With Eun – a vivid example of what can succeed anyone who seeks it, regardless of origin and social status. Her career is only growing, and the public scandal associated with her name, faded out, failing to ignite.

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