Kim Kardashian’s stepfather threatens violence

Ким Кардашьян угрожает отчиму расправой

The reality star Kim Kardashian, who when on was very close and friendly with his stepfather Bruce Jenner, and was one of the few who supported his gender transformation, commented on a new book newly Caitlin Jenner “secret of my life” (“Secrets of My Life”). Kim is perplexed, why was it necessary to throw mud at her family, and whether it is rankings and sales books.

Back in April, staying in the TV show Ellen DeGeneres, Kim said that she’s unbearable to watch, as once person mixes her family and in particular her mother Kris Jenner, dirt, inventing stories for sales of the next “bestseller”.
“I understand that Caitlin took the time to talk openly about myself and even. to be honest with you, but I don’t see this honesty when she talks about Chris. I don’t wish her anything bad, quite the contrary, but we shouldn’t behave with us, with his family.
I haven’t talked to Caitlin for almost a month. I will always love this man. Bruce was a great stepfather. He was like a father to me, raised me, I could ask him for advice, to get support, but as is, Caitlin is beyond.
I don’t approve of her behavior and have no respect for what she does with my mom. Caitlin will always be a part of our family because she’s the father of my sisters Kendall and Kylie, but no matter how I try, I can’t bring myself to respect her after such stories. Want to tell your story – okay, no problem, Frank with the world. But what if it hurt the loved ones? It’s so ugly,” said Kim.
Recently broadcast “Zhiznt with the Kardashian” Kim read a passage from the book of his stepfather and was filled with anger.
“Mother’s very sick because of your books, Kathleen. I’m going to read it, and if you say bad things about Chris, I swear you’ll be sorry” threatened the stepfather of Kim.
“The book describes my story, my emotions. Like everyone, I have my own history. This book is about my life, about how I coped with all of this” — justified Caitlin.
Kim believes that now is the time and her mom sit down to write the book and tell his side of the story with Caitlin Kim no longer wants to talk at all, and advises mothers to do the same.