Ким Кардашьян заменила Тейлор Свифт на обложке Forbes

Many were a bit shocked when I saw Kim Kardashian on the cover of one of the most respected publication Forbes. The article that accompanied this cover, it was said that the star of the reality show “Family Kardashian” has made $ 45 million on its mobile Empire, a game for smartphones, its own app and website. According to the reality star, she believes mobile technology is a new stage in his career.

When people look at me they think, “Why did she go into the world of technology? It’s not her territory! Come back in a reality show!” And I answer: “No.” For me this is very interesting, — quotes its words of Forbes.

On his page on Instagram, Kim posted the cover, accompanied by her comment: “Twhich is a huge honor to be on the cover of Forbes!I never dreamed that this could happen. I know my dad would be proud of me #Replacementatlanta”.

Today it became known that Kimberly was back-up option in case the person who really deserves to be on the cover, going to want to do. It was about the sworn friend Kim – Taylor swift.

“In fact, the reality star was the second choice of editors. Taylor rejected an offer to play for the room, so I had to contact Kim. Kardashian is not “won,” it only got what, what did swift. So the singer may not be upset that her sworn friend got a cover that she didn’t even want,” — said a source close to Forbes.

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