Ким Кардашьян впервые рассказала о новорожденном сыне

9 may 38-year-old Kim Kardashian and 41-year-old Kanye West became parents for the fourth time! The clan of Kardashian-Jenner added another baby — a boy. The very next day the star published photos traditional baby shower and told about his impressions after the first meeting with a newborn son.

“Here are some pictures from our baby shower,” says the star photo from the occasion. “Just a week ago we celebrated the imminent birth of our son, and now he is with us! He’s just perfect! I have absolutely nothing to worry: this baby is the most calm and relaxed of all my children. It is all very much in love,” wrote Kim.

In January television star Kim Kardashian has confirmed the rumors about waiting for their fourth child. Boy the family Kardashian-West is waiting for a surrogate mother, because Kim is unable to bear a child. Journalist ET spoke with 38-year-old star and asked how he feels the expectant mother and how different the expectation of the child from the fourth pregnancy of a surrogate mother in Chicago.

In the words of Kim, a fourth pregnancy is significantly different from the previous one. At least this time, the star knew what to expect. “Love my surrogate mother, we have a very good relationship. I trust her, because last time was very anxious, constantly calling and texting. But this time it’s different, because this mom is very caring,” says Kim.

At this time, the mother of three children felt much calmer, in fact this is the fourth pregnancy, and working with a surrogate mother, the star for the first time.

Helps to cope with the excitement of the launch of the new collection of sunglasses in collaboration with the brand Carolina Lemke. Until the summer Kim will present more than 20 kinds of accessories. Them so much that she Kardashian can’t choose. The star admits that she loves to constantly change the images, some of which lowlands are sunglasses.

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