Kim Kardashian was afraid of being raped during a robbery

Ким Кардашьян боялась, что её изнасилуют во время ограбления

American TV star Kim Kardashian was afraid that the robbers who attacked her in a Paris hotel last night, rapes her, or even kill.

Insiders close to Kim tell of their experiences Kardashian horror. Before you drag the star of the reality show, the robbers put on her wrists: plastic handcuffs.
“She thought of being raped or even killed in the bathroom. She was completely naked. The robbers spoke English. Kim was crying hysterically, begged for her life, saying that she has small children..
In those moments she was in the bathroom, Kim was confident that her life is over. She was pointing a weapon all the time, and she doubted that the attacker’s hand will not tremble to shoot her. Tired of listening to her crying, the robbers closed her mouth, leaving the nose open..” — said the insider.
Collecting jewelry for 10 million dollars, the men departed, leaving the star associated with the gag in his mouth. Kim was able to untie the hands of only a few minutes later.
According to police reports, the robbery was organized by a well-trained gang who planned it in advance. Kim attacked and robbed of her jewelry now search.
Their vaunted guards Kim was not charged with neglect – they were accompanied by younger sisters Kendall and Kylie at a party at the club. Kardashian feel safe in the hotel room, and did not suspect that it may happen.