Kim Kardashian was able to identify two robbers who stole her jewellery

Ким Кардашьян удалось опознать двоих грабителей, похитивших ее драгоценности
The reality star gives a full statement to the French judge.

Kim Kardashian


In the case of the robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris hotel
held in October last year, has been a major breakthrough. Kim managed
to identify the two bandits. This was announced by the Internet site

In order to participate in the identification, Kardashian is not
had to fly overseas. The fact that the French legislation allows
a situation in which the judge sends in another country where the victim lived
crimes to take testimony. Especially often such practices
resorted to in those cases where justice has to deal with

But Kim still had to take a little trip:
she flew from Los Angeles to new York, where she interviewed came from
Paris judge. As far as the publication of the information, Kardashian arrived in new York in
accompanied by his two children and sent North. But husband Kanye West she
this time is not taken. Kim decided that it would be too big test
for the nerves of her husband emerging from a serious breakdown and passing rate
treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

As for the detailed
testimony, which this time gave Kardashian, they allowed the result
to make serious progress. The fact is that although French police have arrested
in this case 17 people, direct evidence against them, apparently, have custody
order no. Therefore, the testimony of Kim have such value. Although the bandits
Rob Kardashian in the fall and leaving her bound in the bathroom, wore masks, star
reality show still somehow managed to identify two of the six criminals rushed
in her room!