Kim Kardashian wants Chloe forgave the betrayal of Tristan?

Ким Кардашьян хочет, чтобы Хлои простила измену Тристана?

Kim Kardashian has taken yet another betrayal of Tristan Thompson her sister Chloe to heart. Of the family she most protect her sister and for a long time was determined to the father of Labor very negatively. Time passed and the offense has cooled down a bit, so now Kardashian is getting closer to forgiveness.

Ким Кардашьян хочет, чтобы Хлои простила измену Тристана?

“I believe that all the time. Boundaries, lessons, and forgiveness is a good thing. It’s all good, but I really think you should speak to the people who were most involved,” says Kim.

We will remind, on the shoulders of single mothers challenging. True father cheated on her with jordyn woods and this time the star wouldn’t forgive him. She kicked Tristan Thompson of the house, but can not invite the father for his daughter’s birthday. On 12 April the baby will mark the first year or two, so Chloe tries to figure out how to invite Tristan and not looking like an idiot.

Another problem is sister Chloe. Kim just hated Tristan, who was already cheating on her sister when she was pregnant! Kim didn’t even know how to deal with his anger and not to attack Thompson, if he’s going to the party. “Chloe is trying to figure out how to invite Tristan,” the source says. “She has no idea how the family will behave near Tristan. All terribly upset about it.”

Chloe understands that a high likelihood of scandal, but she doesn’t want to deprive the child of a father. “She is able to share personal priorities and happiness of his daughter, in the end, she wants to have TRU was a happy relationship with both parents,” continues the source. “She’s not one of those seeking revenge or holding back the negative.”

Previously, the network condemned the release of Chloe right after the announcement of the news! Kim Kardashian broke down and sent a message to all those who think that her sister had to grieve and not to leave the house.

“You’d rather she lost the money also? She is a single mother and have to work. It was her professional obligation, which was scheduled in advance. And believe me, she doesn’t expect what someone will pay her bills or provide for her daughter. Point!” wrote Kim on Twitter.

The Chloe’s direct comments about the situation are not given, but addressed to my ex boyfriend a message in the same tweet: “the Most severe pain is the pain that you cause people understand what that means for you. This betrayal was your blessing. If you ask about me, tell them that she was the only person who truly loved me, but I destroyed her”.

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