Ким Кардашьян гуляет с дочерью Чикаго

In January, the Kardashian family has welcomed a new inhabitant. A surrogate mother gave birth to a third child for Kim and Kanye West. Mom hides the girl’s face and constantly puts pictures of Chicago in the social network. This time the paparazzi caught the star with his daughter on a walk.

Nothing special: Kim was spotted in Los Angeles, where she actually lives. Star just stepped out of the car, carefully carrying the baby. What exactly did Kim unknown, but on the baby girl, the public is once again able to see.

For daily Luke Kim chooses favorite items of clothing from the collection of her husband Yeezy: sports jumpsuit from stretchies fabric and white sneakers.

Kim copes with popularity and her husband Kanye — looks great. Recall, Kanye West surprised the public two statements: in a new song XTCY he said that he is not averse to making love with sisters of his wife Kim Kardashian, and Jimmy Kimmel admitted that even with the advent of a daughter continues to watch pornography. In his statement he received encouragement from Pornhub, but wife Kim, has responded to controversial statements?

“She’s just happy that he can trust him and that Kanye is very devoted to her, — said a source close to the couple, She knows could be something worse, and watching porn is much more tolerant than other well-known rappers treat their wives”.

“She knows it’s just his thing, and it doesn’t bother. He makes it clear every day that she is his goddess, and she never felt so loved in my life,” said the insider.

It all started with the new release of the American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the guest was Kanye. The rapper spoke about porn addiction, and then the presenter asked how his life changed after the appearance of his daughter. Kanye said that everything also looks at pornography on porn site Pornhub. West could not resist and began to list what genres adult video prefers, but the host stopped him. Frankness and free advertising of website has not remained unnoticed by the resource, which decided to submit to the contractor a gift for your loyalty. Now the rapper will be able to enjoy your favorite videos as you want and when you want. The website gave Kanye a lifetime premium membership.