Kim Kardashian trying to upstage Beyonce’s third pregnancy

Ким Кардашьян пытается затмить Бейонсе третьей беременностью

Beyonce prepares to give birth to two kids. The family Knowles-Carter is the final preparation for this event. The family eagerly waiting to congratulate them on their new addition. One can only imagine what the hype will be around Beyonce and Jay Z , when are born twins: the most respected publications will certainly fight for the opportunity to mark the happy family on the cover. It is obvious that attention will be drawn to this musical couple. Here only that can’t stand Kim Kardashian.

The reality star who already has two children, intends at all costs to pull the blanket and become the most discussed person. To achieve this, Kim wants through the birth of her third child. As you know, Kim is now very seriously engaged in resolving this issue and hopes that in the near future their efforts will lead to any result.

Note that the doctor forbid Kim to conceive for the third time due to health problems. Experts believe that the birth of a baby can cost the wife of Kanye West life.

I hope for the sake of attracting attention to his person Kim is going to do absolutely crazy things.