Ким Кардашьян считает Тейлор Свифт лгуньей, а Канье Уэста — честным человеком

The last few weeks, singer Taylor swift is losing ground in popularity. Ex-country singer fallen from grace, fans of actor Tom Hiddleston when he suddenly began having an affair with him, disappointed girl fans of Calvin Harris, who can not forgive her what she did to their idol and the fans of the swift don’t understand the actions of your cat and do not find explanations for her strangeness.

Another blow Taylor decided to put Kim Kardashian. Wife’s worst enemy swift – Kanye West – the new series of his reality show “Family Kardashian” just talking about honesty and swift that it often grazes the back, if the situation is not in her favor.

In such conversations, Kim with her sister Kourtney has prompted the recent action swift. The fact that, according to Kardashian, West’s controversial clip for the song Famous was removed with the agreement shown in this artists (or rather, their wax copies).

Taylor was one of them. She gave her consent, however, then recanted his words, saying that the West didn’t talk to her about it.

Such a lie Kardashian to endure did not and threatened lawyers swift publication of the recorded telephone conversation.

“I never Express my opinion about someone in public, but in this case I couldn’t resist,” says his sister Courtney Kim — I wanted to defend Kanye. Taylor told me that “Grammy” she’ll tell everybody was aware about this song. And that’s for a Grammy she hadn’t said anything about it. She wanted to pretend that it’s a surprise… I Swear my husband falls so many insults, when, in fact, he does everything by the rules. As usual, she started playing the victim. Kanye is an honest man, he always says what he thinks. He always supported me and I will do anything to protect your husband.”

Kim added that Taylor’s playing the victim ever since, as in 2009, West interrupted her speech at the MTV VMAs: “It’s a way to make himself the victim. The first time it attracted a lot of attention. But I don’t think he should be punished for this act to this day.”

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