Ким Кардашьян рассказала о проблемах во время беременности и родов

Ким Кардашьян рассказала о проблемах во время беременности и родов

14 Dec 2019 socialite Kim Kardashian presented their festive collection. Her clothing line is now the most expanded and in honor of this momentous event she decided to give a small interview in which she shared about the state of his health, and how pregnancy and childbirth affected her health.

The first health problems occurred when Kim was pregnant with their first daughter North. For some reason the girl was born premature, she was born prematurely by six weeks. The second problem faced Kardashian appeared after childbirth. The fact that celebrity did not move, the placenta, and has grown to the uterus. She continued to grow there for some time. “This is something from which women die during childbirth,” admitted Kim. Thank God the doctors were there when I need them and rendered timely aid.

The second time to get pregnant celebrity failed on their own, so she and her husband came to the conclusion that I want to do IVF. After the second birth, the woman long time to recover and feel terrible. So the doctors told Kim that her third pregnancy she simply can not be, it is very dangerous for the child, and for her. In such cases, can even be fatal to the mother. After these two difficult pregnancies, Kim Kardashian had a very long time to heal, she underwent five operations in a year and a half. Only after that it women’s health was normal.

Star the world-famous reality show admitted that the reason for inability to give birth, she and her husband Kanye West have decided to use a surrogate mother. So on the light appeared two children: a daughter in Chicago and son of the Psalm.

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