Ким Кардашьян рассказала про инъекции в ягодицы

Celebrity has confirmed that she really did.

However, this is not what you thought – roundness and impressive priests celebrity, as she says, obtained naturally, but the injection in which he admitted the star was done solely in order to defeat psoriasis.

She told about it in a recent interview: “I was giving myself injections of cortisone. One of my neighbors was a dermatologist. And he said, “There is only one chance in a million that you will remain on this (psoriasis) mark on the buttocks”. And, of course, it remained similar to oblong the hole”.

It is because of this track on the fifth point, said Kim, and rumors that she had surgery to implant in the buttocks implants. “When I in 2007 was in Miami in a blue dress, the photographer took the pictures on which the trail was visible, and then spread the rumor about the implants,” says Kim. Moreover, injections of cortisone Kardashian continues to do, since the disease is completely won.

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