Ким Кардашьян заговорила о появлении третьего ребенка
Thus, the reality star is trying to keep the family together.

Ким Кардашьян заговорила о появлении третьего ребенка

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Kim Kardashian with children


Fans of Kim Kardashian puzzled by the fact that star decided on the third child. The wife of Kanye West announced
this was during his reality show. “My husband and I are now working hard to conceive another
one child! — said Kardashian. I really want my kids to have
appeared brother or sister, although the doctors warned me that it may
to be unsafe”.

Kardashian, who is currently raising her daughter North and son of the Saint, in fact risks, and very strong.
Both her previous pregnancy was accompanied by serious complications. In
the first time she was tormented by acute pain in the abdomen, she suffered from edema, and eventually gave birth five weeks early. Second time she bore a son,
it was even worse. Kim gained more than 30 pounds, which caused
excruciating pain in back and legs. the doctors warned her about the possibility
the occurrence of fetal bleeding due to pathology of the placenta.
And just before birth the Kardashians have dramatically increased pressure and
the first signs of pre-eclampsia, a phenomenon that often leads to
the death of the mother.

Kim’s detractors argue that risky decision
the reality star caused by the desire Kardashian at any price to strengthen their marriage.
The fact that after a nervous breakdown Kanye West, which led to his hospitalization
in a psychiatric clinic, their relationship never recovered. And now Kim
forward “bind” her husband to himself, first taking care about pregnant
wife, and then about the new baby…