Kim Kardashian spoke about his incurable disease

Ким Кардашьян рассказала о своей неизлечимой болезни

It wants to be like thousands of Americans. She does not descend from pages of glossy magazines and the television screen. No one realizes that she has an incurable disease. Kim Kardashian admitted that he suffers from an autoimmune disease – psoriasis. In a recent interview with the star of the TV show “living with the Kardashian” and Kanye West’s wife shared how she learned to live with this incurable disease.

“For many years I tried to get rid of this disease, hoping for a miracle and realized that you can only accept it and learn to live with it. To avoid exacerbation of the disease enough to stick to your diet – not to consume tomatoes, eggplants, acidic foods. All have the disease manifests itself in different ways: someone suffers from itching, someone from something else. The disease is acute for different reasons. My first outbreak happened in 2010. I just had to be present at the opening of the DASH boutique in new York. I felt a terrible itching. At first I thought it was – allergic reaction to the fabric of the dress, but then the rash spread to legs, and then my mom told me that it is psoriasis. It also hurts, so it’s hereditary. Later, doctors confirmed the diagnosis” — said Kim. Since then, as the disease is officially identified, every night Kardashian gets a special ointment with cortisone in the body.
“I really want to believe that I will recover, but he had learned to accept the disease as its own feature. I have a small area on the leg where the skin rash is particularly noticeable. I think that everyone knows about it and look there” — said Kim about his complex.