Ким Кардашьян показала, как одевалась 8 лет назад

One of the most stylish and controversial celebrities of our time was published in his blog a photo from eight years ago and spoke about his style in the old days.

Shocking “naked” outfits, spectacular creations of couturier and red-carpet, which then tells the whole world – Kim Kardashian just a few years of little interesting socialite has become a real style icon.

While Kim is well aware that more recently her outfits left much to be desired.

Photo: Getty Images
Ким Кардашьян показала, как одевалась 8 лет назад
Ким Кардашьян показала, как одевалась 8 лет назадKim Kardashian in 2008 and 2016

Blog reality star has a photo dated 2008, where Kim was captured during the award ceremony of Teen Choice Awards. The then 27-year-old Kardashian, worked as a reporter for channel E! on the red carpet.

25-year-old Ms. West has demonstrated what a gorgeous woman she was not always the case. In the picture she posed in a white satin dress without straps, screenprinted peas and a wide belt in the style of 50-ies. “My style and glamor at that time has nothing to do with me today,” commented Kim the. And right now the star is difficult to imagine in something other than “naked” toilets.

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