Kim Kardashian shared the grown-up son

Ким Кардашьян поделилась снимком подросшего сына
The reality star endured “Eclipse of the heart”.

Kim Kardashian


Recently Kim Kardashian has pleased fans by showing them the photo is surprisingly grown-up
Senta. After all, although her daughter North the reality star takes almost
everywhere, with his son Kim appears on
the public not often, and even more rarely publishes his pictures. So fans together
surprised: “A Saint that is already very big!”

As one of the most discussed topic of the last days was Sunny
Eclipse, then, posting a picture where Kim gently hugs a daughter and a son, touching
perched next to her on the couch from different angles, she signed it: “Full
Eclipse of the heart!”

Judging by the photos, the four-year North St., which turns age two
still in December, gradually establishing mutual understanding. But first,
when the baby is born a Kardashian, like his sister, from wife, Kim Kanye West, only came to light, everything was not the best way.
The girl was painfully jealous of the mother of a kid brother.

For example, when Kim
fed Senta breast, she was forced to hide with her son from the daughters
walk-in closet. And when the girl revealed her hiding place, Kardashian had to come up with
a clever trick. As told by Kim that the North did not prevent her to feed the child, she
stuffed in a “free” Cup bra small bag of milk
a tube through which the girl at the same time brother got the milk
though not my mother’s and cow’s…