Kim Kardashian told Kanye West lies Kim spoke about her ex-husband.

Kim Kardashian said Kanye West was lying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced about their breakup in 2021. The rapper actively resisted the divorce, but his wife was adamant. His emotional state at that time left much to be desired, and Kanye periodically surprised the audience with his statements.

Kim Kardashian told Kanye West lies

Kim is so sorry that her mother was involved in a number of scandals. Kanye stated that the video compromising Kim appeared on the network at the suggestion of Kris Jenner. On the air of her show, the businesswoman said that a lot of things are happening with her ex-husband now, but she does not comment on his life, since all this is on the network.

Kim Kardashian told Kanye West lies

“Even though everything that Kanye says about us is crazy, I never comment, I never post anything about him… He came up with a crazy story, and we are silent, listening to these lies.He looks down on me because of my video, talks about all over the city, all over the media. Thank you for reminding people of this again,” said Kardashian.
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