Ким Кардашьян раскрыла секретное имя дочки
The star shared a new photo of a baby.

Ким Кардашьян раскрыла секретное имя дочки

Kim Kardashian with her daughter in Chicago

Photo: Instagram.com

Kim Kardashian surprised many millions of their fans (number
followers of her microblog has already reached 113 million). She reported that her
daughter of Chicago, which she fondly calls “Chi”, it turns out, there is also the second
name. As it turned out, the birth certificate of the baby (the father of which was Kanye West), it’s listed as Chicago Noel Kardashian-West.

The revelation that Kim made such an impression on fans of the stars
the reality show because previously Kardashian claimed: all of her children will receive, in
contradiction overseas tradition, only one name. With two older
she did exactly as promised. Girl that Kardashian gave birth in June
2013, she called just North. A son, born two years
later, gave the name of Saint. Why is my daughter Chi, which gave birth to
surrogate mother, Kim decided to add another name — it is not explained.

She confronted him, signing a new photo
Babes in the microblog. The amused fans
Kardashian: a six-month Chi, posing, pulled a funny face. Now fans of Kim have come to the conclusion that
the girl has innate comedic talent.

Kim Kardashian with children

Photo: Instagram.com