Kim Kardashian puzzled sexy photo

Ким Кардашьян озадачила сексуальными фото

A celebrity posted on Instagram 15 photos from the wedding of a friend, very intrigued by 67 million subscribers.

The intrigue lies in whether it’s a wedding or sophisticated sexual Orgy? It was planned that will be because you’re getting married: Izabela Rangel, friend Kim, married to Dave Grutman owned several clubs and restaurants.

The ceremony was held in Miami and was visited Kim with her husband Kanye West and other celebrities like TV host Ryan Seacrest and actor Hulk Hogan. But here’s a selection of photos that appeared on Instagram Kim, cast doubt on the fact that the ceremony was held within the framework of decency, judge for yourself:

Mystery pictures adds that they are devoid of any comments, but simply numbered. However, given the fact that Kim, creating around himself a cult is almost out of the blue, putting a lot of effort to attract attention to his person on different occasions, perhaps this was the principal idea is to intrigue. She, in fact, failed – subscribers in the comments speculated.

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